Since the integration of Kindle and Amazon services has happened, all we can think is how much a Kindle can do. Earlier, a kindle made use of Amazon cloud services and Kindle Support only. These services are a one-stop solution to the multiple issues which users faced such as sync of books and purchases. For kindle fire devices, Amazon video service to is now one of the synced items. Users can sync amazon prime video with family accounts too. Here, we will try to understand why child account on amazon kindle devices shows error code 4527.

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Understanding the error code 4527

Error code 4527 is one of those error codes which occurs on the child accounts associated with amazon prime accounts. These error codes do not provide much information about the nature of issues which the holders of accounts generally face. However, www Kindle com Support is flooded with complaints of such issues with kindle fire HDX devices as well as kindle fire HD devices. When this error code occurs, users have to switch to some other video as the previous video would simply not play. We shall look into the error code in a brief time.


Family accounts are cheap and usable accounts for Amazon users. A single account is the point of contact and other accounts come under it. Billings and payments are made from the master account which also decides various types of authentication of other accounts. Children accounts are used in the Kindle devices given to the children. These are limited to a number of videos and games. As Kindle Help suggests, safety filters are too kept intact to keep the explicit content away from children account. Hence they are cheaper and more usable than individual accounts.

How to remove the error code:

As there is a number of forums discussing it such as Amazon Kindle Support, the error code is related to geolocation more than anything else. So, if a VPN is being used for browsing, it also hinders the Amazon services. It hinders amazon prime video services. Master account, as well as a child account, have an origin and amazon prime video charges for the content shown in that location. If your location id for instance far east, you would be charged less as the content was shown is limited. However, if you are from the United States of America, you get the best content and are charged according to it.

A VPN is a proxy tunnel which is used by users in browsing. It, however, extends itself to Amazon services too and that is when the error code happens. Kindle Com Support advice to not use VPN at any spot in the device usage. However, if you do, switch it off when the browsing is complete. If the origin location and the location from where the connection comes are different, the video would not be played and this error code will be thrown. This is the official statement given by Kindle Fire Support Help. hence, VPN is out of the picture.

VPN itself is not the only case. If users are trying to play videos out of their geolocation, the same error code will be thrown. Hence it is in the best interest of the users to not do so under any circumstances. If they are in roaming, amazon prime will show the local content of their current location and that is also one of the reasons why the error is shown. Hence, as Amazon Kindle Customer Service advice, always stick to the local content for which you have paid and hopefully this error code will not occur at any point on the service.

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