Amazon Echo is a device that allows you to talk to a virtual person and get your work done through her. But, Amazon Echo is precise and quick, so your commands are going to be responded much faster than you could ever expect. But, in order to do so, you will have to perform the setup process of Amazon Echo in the right manner. We in this article will know this process in detail.

The purpose of the speaker is mainly to listen to the music from various artists and feedbacks for your queries. You can ask Echo for current weather, cooking recipes and set an alarm. The commands can listen through speakers. You can control your home devices with Echo like switch off the lights and change the speed of the fan. The Amazon Echo works as a home automation system at home. You can listen to Alexa voice from even different room within the home. The key driving force behind Echo is Alexa.


Before we start with Amazon Echo setup. We will first take a quick trip of physical device and its buttons as well as features.

The three main buttons you can mess with includes microphone button, volume ring and an action button that initiates with manual setup. We will emphasize more on volume ring that adjusts the volume of the speaker. A Loud voice from the speaker may harm the ears of the users so you must lower the volume by turning the knob in an anticlockwise direction. For more details, you can take Echo help from the website. Now it’s time to discuss the setup process for Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo Dot setup and Amazon Echo tap setup are also same as that of Amazon Echo. We will understand the fun things that you can do with your Echo device.


Setting up an Echo device

· First of all, download the Amazon Alexa app from the mobile store before listening to the instructions by Alexa. Wait for while then till the app launch on the mobile screen.


· Connect your Amazon Echo now. The blue indicator flashes around the top and turns the knob to switch it to orange color. After this step, your Echo is ready for Wi-Fi setup. If you skip the previous step then press the action button for five seconds. In case of any Amazon Echo help, you can go to the web browser from the laptop. The Alexa starts listening to your commands then. If you want to decrease the volume then you can do this by pressing the volume ring.

· Once you complete the configuration part from Echo side, pull out the mobile again and open the settings. You need to enter the configuration information in both the device in order to complete the setup. If you have any problem in setting up the Echo at home then you can go to www Amazon com Echosetup.


· Select the Amazon Echo Wi-Fi connection on your smart device. The name of the Wi-Fi for Echo is something like Amazon-54. You can note the SSID from the back side of Echo box also. After connecting with it just launch the app and start with the setup. The setup process will be started automatically as soon as you open the app. If it does not start automatically then you can start manually by tap in the settings under menu icon.

· Under settings, you will be prompted to select one out of two things. If you have purchased an Echo then it will ask for your ‘Echo name’ but if someone has gifted an Echo to you then you have to select ‘add a new device’. If you have any doubt in selecting the right option then you can take Amazon Echo support.


· Enter the account credentials in the related field rest everything is simple and easy. Select the right Wi-Fi network from the list.

The moment you entered the credentials successfully, your Echo is ready to start after that.


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