Kindle Paperwhite is supposed to work smoothly, as it is one of the premium models that Kindle has in the offing. But, recently people complained of Kindle Paperwhite getting frozen or functioning slowly, so let us find out what this issue is and how to get rid of it.

Just like all other gadgets, it is quite normal to experience issues in Kindle Paperwhite. Those who are using this tablet have complained that the tablet has sometimes given them slow response or just froze. This is turning out to be a common issue, but an annoying one as well. So, let us check out the steps that can be followed to get rid of this problem.

Kindle Paperwhite is not opening or stops responding

If you find out that your Kindle Paperwhite has stopped working or is behaving weirdly when you are reading a certain e-book, then you must try doing a menu restart. If this resolves the issue, then that’s great, if not, then you have to try a hard restart. You should also check the option named ‘manage Kindle devices’ as sometimes, there could be an option or two not rightly selected.


If the problem remains persistent, then the e-book file might be corrupted. You can perform Amazon Kindle update as it may fix this problem. If they confirm it, then you have to remove the e-book in order to check whether the problem is solved by removing the e-book or not. But, before you remove the book, you must find out where you got this book from?

If you have purchased this book from Amazon, then you can download it again from the Cloud, but if you have bought this book from some another platform, then you have to be careful because you may or may not get that book again, even after going to ‘manage my Kindle account’.

Here are the steps by which you can remove the e-book you’re your Kindle Paperwhite. If these steps didn’t work for you, then you have to perform Amazon Kindle login to fix the problem.

1. Go to Kindle home screen and tap & hold down on the e-book.

2. You will see a pop-up menu on the screen from which you will have to select ‘remove from device’ option.


3. Now, restart your device by pressing the power button and hold it for approximately 45 seconds. If you are using 2nd gen Kindle Paperwhite, then press and hold for 7-15 seconds.

In order to be sure whether that particular e-book was corrupted, you have to open some other e-book as well. If you find the same problem in that e-book, then the problem is not in the e-books, but in the device itself. So, now you have to log onto www Kindle com support for a detailed assistance.


Kindle Paperwhite is extremely slow and freezes at times.

If you find your Kindle Paperwhite working extremely slowly, then you can do a simple restart or a hard restart. You can easily restart your device by tapping ‘menu’ followed by ‘settings’, then again, ‘menu’ button and finally, tapping ‘restart’.


If the simple restart resolves the issue, then that’s great, otherwise, opt for a hard restart. I would like to mention one more important thing, i.e., the process is same for Kindle Fire tablets. But, if you find any problem, then you must get in touch with www Kindle com support providers.

Here is the process to do a hard restart:

1. Press the power button and hold it for approximately 45 seconds. If using, 2nd Gen device, then just hold it for 7-15 minutes.


2. The Kindle screen will turn blank. So, now again press the power button.

You are going to see start-up screen followed by the restarting process. Wait until the restart process gets completed and then, you can use your device. If you find any problem, then you can give a call to Kindle help and support providers because only they can help you in the right way.


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